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1. Brumovska, T. J., & Malkova, G. S. (2023). Initial perception of the mentoring role and related mentors' approach of autonomy support or control in formal youth mentoring relationships. Journal of Community Psychology, 1– 24.

Abstrakt: Mentors' initial perceptions of the mentoring role in formal youth mentoring bonds; and the subsequent characteristics of autonomy support or autonomy control in mentoring interactions developed by mentors after 5 months of mentoring experience are discussed in this paper. The data is drawn from a longitudinal phenomenological study conducted in the Czech mentoring scheme between 2010 and 2017. In-depth semi-structured interviews were collected with 10 mentoring matches over 1 year of mentoring involvement. The results of Interpretive phenomenological analysis showed differences in mentors' initial perceptions of the role, and related autonomy-supportive or autonomy-controlling characteristics in mentors' approach. The benefits and risks of resulting autonomy support or control in mentoring interactions are discussed. The results argue for the theoretical conceptualisation of a child-centred perspective in youth mentoring that aims at mentees' support of autonomy, active agency and empowement, thus arguing for further in-depth exploration of natural mentoring principles in child-centred perspective, supporting approaches such as youth-initiated mentoring, and broadening the discussion on good evidence-based mentoring practice in the EU context.

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2. SciCom presentation on: "What is a science, Who the scientists are and what they do? and How can we recognise a natural mentor in a scientific exploration". The presentation was targeted at pupils of secondary and high schools in the Czech Republic and in EU

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Tereza Javornicky Brumovska, PhD.


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Doc.Gabriela Seidlova Malkova, PhD.

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Prof. Michal Molcho, PhD.

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